Sigma-7 Performance with MECHATROLINK-III Compatibility

Boost the performance, precision and versatility of your automation system with an amplifier that delivers the advanced options of a MECHATROLINK III motion network. Plug-and-play MECHATROLINK III functionality means fast 100 Mbps communication and the ability to synchronize control of up to 62 slaves. Amplifier bandwidth of 3.1 kHz sets a new speed standard for servo response, and Yaskawa’s advanced set of servo tuning algorithms assure world class vibration suppression, autotuning and tuning-less commissioning without the need for installer intervention. The result is reduced settling times, reliably precise control and faster setup of a new automation system.

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  • Industry-leading 3.1kHz bandwidth significantly improves settling time.
  • Advanced autotuning and tuning-less features automatically tune a servo system without user effort.
  • Powerful package of tuning functions include compensation for machine inertia, vibration, ripples, friction.
  • Maintains tuning accuracy despite inertia changes up to 30:1.
  • IEC 61508 SIL3 safety certification.
  • Completely compatible with Sigma-5 servo motors.
  • Improved filtering minimizes inaccuracies due to electrical interference, machine resonance and mechanical vibration.
  • Fully compatible with Yaskawa’s MPiec series of machine controllers.



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