Conference Training Planning Learning Coaching Business Concept
We offer flexible training program focused on helping our customer to meet challenges, improve job performance and productivity. The programs are intended for maintenance personnel or engineers who want to improve their skill and latest automation technology in relation to our principal products.
Outline of training program available:-
  • AC/DC Drives & Systems
    • Principle and Characteristics of AC/DC Drives
    • Serial Interface and Start Up of the AC/DC Drives
    • Harmonic, Noise and Surge Voltage
    • Requirement on AC/DC Drives parameter setting
    • Ability to diagnose faults and provide solution
    • Maintenance and Inspection
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
    • Principle of PLC
    • Ability to write and read PLC Program
    • PLC Hardware & Software Configuration
    • PLC Hardware Modules
    • Basic Programming Method and Functions
    • Basic Troubleshooting Skills