S7A Gear Motor

Optimized for lower capacity, low inertia loads Match the general-purpose workhorse of the Yaskawa servo line with a custom designed gearhead that enhances its versatile performance. S7J was optimized by servo application professionals for Yaskawa SGM7A servo motors, and maximizes their ability to produce a high rate of power at extremely low levels of inertia. The same durable gear motor is able to transfer the servo system’s high torque performance with an application requires it.

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Specifications & Features

gear motor diagramFeatures

  • Yaskawa factory installed and tested for a perfect fit and guaranteed long term performance
  • Backed by a full Yaskawa warranty
  • Gear ratios: 3/1, 5/1, 10/1, 25/1 or 50/1
  • Quiet helical cut gears reduce vibration and noise
  • High precision operation with a standard backlash of ≥5 arc-min
  • High rigidity and torque capacity with a design featuring uncaged needle roller bearings
  • Optimized adapter bushing minimizes inertia, allowing more output torque to be realized
  • Seal leakage is prevented by high viscosity, anti-separation grease that won’t liquefy or migrate away from gears
  • Maintenance free grease for the life of the unit, regardless of the gearhead’s orientation

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