WGM Line – Low Voltage/High Voltage – (Closed) – Squirrel Cage

Compact and silent motors with high power relation per frame size. Cooling is done by means of a “water jacket” placed between the stator pack and the frame allowing a more effective thermal exchange.

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The cooling of the motor is done by means of a “water jacket” that circulates between the stator pack and the frame. This allows for a more effective thermal exchange, smaller frames and even smaller space for installation. It is ideal for applications with speed variation because the thermal efficiency is high even at reduced speeds and in cases where the dimension of the motor is a critical factor.
WGM motors can be used in several segments of the industry, especially in driving machines that require constant torque even in low rotations.

Standard Features

  • Powers: up to 3,150 kW
  • Frames: 315 to 560 (IEC)
  • Voltages: 690 V to 6,600 V
  • Polarity: 2 to 8 poles
  • Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
  • Insulation class: F or H
  • Duty factor: 1,0 or 1,15
  • Mounting form: B3, V1
  • Protection degree: IP55
  • Cooling: IC71W
  • Cast iron frame
  • Electrically insulated NDE bearing for frames above 450 (included)
  • Insulated NDE bearing and grounding brush on the shaft for motors driven by frequency inverter regardless of the frame
  • PT100 – 2 per phase and 1 per bearing
  • Heating resistance
  • Grounding terminals on the frame and main connection box
  • Stainless steel nameplate
  • Drains

Optional Features

  • PT100 – water inlet and outlet
  • Flowmeter – water inlet and outlet
  • Water leakage detector
  • Insulated non-drive end bearing and shaft grounding brush

Specialties Features

  • Steel welded frame
  • Marine certifications: ABS, Lloyd’s Register, DNV and BV


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