S7G Gear Motor

Strong Performance for High Power Demands
Larger automation components are suited to the extra robust performance of S7G, designed for use with the Yaskawa SGM7G family of rotary servo motors. A full series of gearheads was designed to maximize the space-saving profile of 7G motors, while delivering high torque, consistent positional accuracy and maximum responsiveness to extreme changes in speed demand.

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Specifications & Features

gear motor diagramFeatures

  • Yaskawa factory installed and tested for a perfect fit and guaranteed long term performance
  • Backed by a full Yaskawa warranty
  • Gear ratios: 3/1, 5/1, 10/1, 25/1 or 50/1
  • Quiet helical cut gears reduce vibration and noise
  • High precision operation with a standard backlash of 5 arc-min
  • High rigidity and torque capacity with a design featuring uncaged needle roller bearings
  • Optimized adapter bushing minimizes inertia, allowing more output torque to be realized
  • Seal leakage is prevented by high viscosity, anti-separation grease that won’t liquefy or migrate away from gears
  • Maintenance free grease for the life of the unit, regardless of the gearhead’s orientation

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