Energy Saving Solutions for Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (AC690+ HVAC3 Series)

  • Air Handling Units
  • Cooling Towers
  • Chilled Water Pumping Systems

The AC690+ HVAC3 series includes many features required by crucial applications in air handling, heating, and cooling. Available through 150 HP, standard units in the HVAC3 series include a 3-contactor bypass circuit and fused disconnect. Related features include built-in PID control, harmonics mitigation, quiet motor operation, and abundant I/O. Add our extensive list of communication options, and the result is a ready-to-run packaged solution that is quick and easy to install – even in a retrofit situation.

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Where are Fans and Blowers found? While the typical application is air handling, some of these applications and energy saving opportunities may surprise you…

Paint Booth – Fans are used to balance the air pressure inside the booth, to provide proper ventilation and filtration. AC drives can be used to replace inlet vanes.

Cooling Tower – Multiple fans force air through water spray, removing heat from the water. AC drives provide an alternative to cycling the fans on and off.

Induced Draft – Found in many plants using boilers, ovens, or kilns, the induced draft fan provides forced air to a combustion process. AC drives can be an energy saving alternative to inlet vanes.

Dehydrators – Used in the food industry among others, dehydrating processes usually require large volumes of air to be moved, another AC drive opportunity.

Dust or Fume Extraction – Many industrial processes generate dust, gases, or fumes, which cannot be allowed to remain in the production area. AC drives can be used on the extraction fans are used to replace dampers or vane control.

Discover how a Parker customer realized 95% energy reduction on an air handling system.