• Energy Savings
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Reduced Noise Levels
  • Soft start capabilities – reduced inrush currents
  • Eliminates constant compressor cycling

Air compressors offer a tremendous opportunity for energy savings. The popular screw compressor usually uses one of several methods of controlling pressure. Most involve either cycling the motor or loading and unloading the compressor screw, or regulating the inlet air. None of these are as efficient as adjusting the speed of the motor to produce only the air pressure and volume that the plant demands at any given time. During periods of time when full flow is called for, the motor will run at or near full speed. But when demand for air is low, the motor “throttles back” to move just enough air to maintain the desired pressure. Reducing the speed by 20% will reduce electrical power demand by almost the same percentage…and since the typical compressor operates at 80% capacity, the savings will add up quickly. Add to that the reduction in audible noise and simplification of the system, and it’s hard not to justify retrofitting a Parker drive. Parker Hannifin has long been known as a premier supplier to the compressor industry, and with its qualified distribution channel, can offer knowledgeable application assistance to get the most out of your air system. And don’t forget to check with your electric power utility for possible incentives and rebates to make your payback even quicker