Ski Lift & Snowmaking Applications

For new installations, Parker Drives provides a single-source solution for all your needs. From drives and controls, to motors and gearboxes, Parker will custom engineer complete ski lift drive systems, guaranteeing maximum safety, reliability and uptime.

  • AC and DC Lift Drives to 2000 HP
  • 4-Quadrant Regenerative Drives
  • Ski Lift Duty Motors
  • Touchscreen Operator Interface
  • AC Drives for Snowmaking

Parker has easy drop-in, pre-engineered solutions to upgrading your existing lift, with reliable, proven technology for improved uptime and precise digital control.

DC Drives are designed to retrofit all major brands:

  • ABB
  • …and all others!

Parker Drives provides a line-up of drives that have been specially engineered for ski lift and snow making applications.

DC Integrator 590+ Ski Lift Drives (up to to 2000 HP)

  • Saves cabinet space
  • Pre-sized control parts
  • Simple mounting
  • Easy wiring
  • Improved appearance
  • Easy touchscreen control
  • 72% size reduction!

AC890PX Ski Lift Drives

  • Modular construction
  • 380/415/460/575/690 Volt units
  • Active front-end regenerative available
  • Minimize down time with plug-in phase modules!

Modernize your lift today!

  • Replace old, obsolete drives
  • Eliminate costly spare parts
  • Cut high maintenance costs
  • Keep your lift in PEAK condition!

Why Parker Drives?


  • Eliminate downtime
  • Easy interface to existing LOW VOLTAGE controls
  • Modular panel or complete enclosure
  • Meets all current ANSI & state tram standards
  • Digital accuracy and reliability
  • Plain language displays – no code!
  • Only Parker Drives offers fully redundant safeties, monitoring all critical parameters to ensure the highest safety & reliability levels.
  • Web-enabled Color Touchscreens
    • Control & Monitoring
    • Fully Redundant Safeties
    • Custom Screens
    • Multi-page