SigmaLogic7 Modbus

A compact, high performance SERVOPACK with built-in controller functionality that allows direct control from a third-party host controller using Modbus TCP protocol.

Send instructions directly from your controller to the SigmaLogic7 Modbus… no other programming software is required.

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Specifications & Features

The SigmaLogic7 Modbus allows amplifier motion sequencing and axis control using a third party host controller using Modbus TCP protocol.

  • No other programming software needed
  • Use direct command or 200 point configurable sequence table
  • More compact than ever before; frees up space in control cabinets
  • Internal switch for daisy chaining of multiple amplifiers
  • Perform basic point-to-point moves, blended speed moves, homing, jogging, using direct commands or initiating moves through a configurable sequence table
  • The LogicWorksTM software utility may be used to download sequence and configuration data

Direct package to help connect SigmaLogic7 Modbus to a third party Modbus controller

  • Direct Control Package

Sequence Table

  • Create individual move profiles and sequencing for the application with the free LogicWorks utility
  • Download/Upload sequence table and configuration data to or from LogicWorks
  • Embedded monitoring and test functions

Hardware Manual
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