SGD7S Analog

Analog Control with Advanced Features

A Yaskawa SGD7S SERVOPACK meets the need for an analog voltage or pulse train control interface, while also offering the advanced capabilities of a Sigma-7 servo amplifier. A frequency response of 3.1 kHz assures high speed response and improved settling time. a tuning-less mode and improved autotuning features eliminate the need to manually tune a servo, both at installation and in ongoing everyday use.

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  • Industry-leading 3.1kHz frequency response significantly improves settling time.
  • Tuning-less capability reliably tunes servo system right out of the box – no user adjustment needed.
  • Powerful package of tuning functions include compensation for machine inertia, vibration, ripples, friction.
  • Maintains tuning accuracy despite inertia changes up to 30:1
  • IEC 61508 SIL3 safety certification
  • Completely compatible with Sigma-5 servo motors
  • Improved filtering minimizes inaccuracies due to electrical interference, machine resonance and mechanical vibration

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