Mill Duty

BASIC Design Characteristics

• Suitable for operation with adjustable DC voltages from thyristor convertors (230 V – 460 V – 500 V)

• Fully laminated stator, main poles and interpoles

• Fully compensated machines ensuring good commutation also in the field weakening range

• Convertible motors from TEFV (Totally Enclosed Force Ventilated) to TENV (Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated)

• Removable and replaceable shaft with two tapered extensions

• D-end and N-end heavy duty roller bearings

• Easily removable bearing housings

• Insulation class H with temperature rise limited to 110 °C for longer life expectancy

• High dynamic response, with a current change rate of 250 times the nominal current per second

• A large number of options and accessories ensuring high flexibility

• Max armature voltage 500 V

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