The AC890 are a compact, modular system variable speed AC drive engineered to control speed and position of open-loop and closed-loop, single- or multi-motor AC induction or servo motor applications, up to 1200kW

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The AC890 are a compact, modular system variable speed AC drive engineered to control speed and position of open-loop and closed-loop, single- or multi-motor AC induction or servo motor applications. Compatible with a wide range of feedback options, the AC890 variable speed drive is compatible with any AC motor and virtually any speed/position feedback options. With this flexibility you may not even need to replace your existing AC motor to achieve high performance, saving you time and money. The AC890 drives are available in 380-460/500V 3-phase 0.55 to 1200kW and 220V-240V 3-phase 0.55 to 7.5kW.

The AC890 variable speed drives can be configured for 4 different modes of operation :
• Open-loop (volts / frequency) control
This mode is ideal for basic, single or multi-motor speed control.
• Sensorless vector control
With its ultra high performance sensorless vector algorithm, the AC890 delivers a combination of both high torque and close speed regulation without the need for any speed measuring transducer.
• Closed-loop vector control
Full closed-loop flux vector performance can be achieved with the AC890 by simply adding an encoder feedback ‘technology box’. This provides 100% continuous full load standstill torque, plus a highly dynamic speed loop more than sufficient for the most demanding applications.
• 4 Quadrant active front-end power supply module
With this configuration, the energy is fed back into the mains supply with sinusoidal currents and unity power factor; a very low current harmonic content is achieved (THD < 5%).

• Ultra-fast control loops –
– Torque loop : 62.5µs / – Speed loop : 62.5µs / – Position loop : 62.5µs

• Serves the most demanding applications :
Taking advantage of leading edge control algorithms running on a fast 150Mhz microprocessor, the AC890 drive can achieve very high-bandwidth control loops. This allows you to use the drive for the most demanding industrial applications e.g. printing, cut-tolength, rotary shear, converting and slitting.

• Minimal delay between the fieldbus setpoints and the control loops :
Designed to integrate in existing automation systems, the AC890 features high performance ports linked directly to the fast control loops of the drive. Minimum delay exists between your digital setpoint sent through a fieldbus and the control loops.

• Replacement of analogue solutions :
Your existing analogue setpoint-based solutions can be replaced by a digital fieldbus-based solution with minimal bandwidth loss.

• Flexible feedback :
The AC890 offers system designers complete flexibility in their choice of feedback technology.
– Incremental encoder / – EnDat 2.1 (SinCos) encoder / – Resolver

• Open standards for protection of investment :
The AC890 has been deliberately designed to integrate seamlessly into your automation network.
To connect to your PLC or fieldbus network you can simply choose from the wide range of communication technology boxes.

• Two performance level options for your needs :
– Advanced performance
Motion control with added position loop, motion control function blocks, move incremental, move absolute, move home, line drive master ramp and section control, winder blocks (speed winder, current winder), full function PID, machine state and others.

– High performance
All advanced features plus : library of pre-engineered application specific LINK VM function blocks such as : shaftless printing, cut-to-length, adanced winding, advanced traversing and others.


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