The AC30 control modules, combined with a power module (available separately), provides the user with exceptional levels of motor control in advanced closed-loop applications up to 350 HP.

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The AC30 variable speed drive range is a modular product allowing users to select power stack, control module, IO and communications modules and accessories to perfectly match the requirements of the application, making it a highly customisable yet cost effective solution. The three interchangeable control modules provide the basis for the series: the standard AC30V control module, the AC30P module with a host of advanced connectivity options and the AC30D module which adds dual encoder system capability. When combined with one of the AC30 power modules it produces a variable speed drive which provides the user with exceptional levels of motor control, from simple open-loop pumps and fans through to closed-loop process line applications. Note: The AC30 power modules are available separately and offer power ratings of up to 350 HP – see the “AC30 Series [Power Modules]” page in the recommended products section for more details.

■ AC30V Standard Control Module:
The AC30V is the base drive for standalone applications. Much more than a basic pump and fan drive its program can be modified with our easy to use “Parker Drive Quicktool” (PDQ) or DSE Lite to match your exact requirements. The completed application program can then be downloaded multiple times using a simple SD card. With full access from any network via its own IP address the drive can be fully integrated into any automation system via the single, top-mounted ethernet port.

■ AC30P Advanced Control Module:
Supporting latest developments in the “Internet of things” and employing principles discussed in Industry 4.0 the AC30P is fully equipped with Profinet, Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP/ IP via dual Ethernet ports. Using the full range of our software tools this allows more advanced applications including multiple drive configurations. Plug in via one port and access multiple drives supported by 1588 time synchronised peer to peer communication.

■ AC30D Advanced Control Module (with Dual Encoder System Capability):
The AC30D module gives you the great features of the AC30P as well as additional built in terminals to allow dual encoder inputs and an encoder output. This gives “System Board” functionality to the AC30 allowing “electronic line shaft” capability, so with this control module we can offer phase locking between drives and register control. This also frees up the I/O plug in slot to allow for even more I/O to be added if needed.

Parker provides easy to use software tools for all levels of experience; enabling users to address any application. Simple applications can be setup in seconds and more complex applications can be configured in the simplest and most logical way. Programming can be via the keypad, Parker Drive QuickTool software or DSE Lite. The AC30 provides users with access to a large library of application macros and worked examples. While users are free to develop their own applications, they can also save time and development cost by accessing and customizing examples of completed solutions.


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