The AC30 power modules, combined with a control module (available separately), provides the user with exceptional levels of motor control in advanced closed-loop applications up to 350 HP.

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The AC30 variable speed drive range is a modular product allowing users to select a power stack, control module, IO and communications modules plus accessories to perfectly match the requirements of the application, making it a highly customisable yet cost effective solution. The AC30 series is based on a variety of basic system power module components which can be combined to create a number of different input power configurations. All variants are available in power ratings ranging from 1 to 350 HP. When combined with one of the AC30 control modules it produces a variable speed drive which provides the user with exceptional levels of motor control, from simple open-loop pumps and fans through to closed-loop process line applications. Note: The interchangeable AC30 control modules are available separately and offer three levels of intelligent automation control – see the “AC30 Series [Control Modules]” page in the recommended products section for more details.

■ 710 Standard AC Inverter Power Modules:
AC fed inverter suitable for use with a 380…480 VAC input. This can be used either as a standalone drive or as the AC input drive in a multi-drive application.

■ Active Front End (AFE):
The 710 power stacks can operate in AFE control mode when used with the correct control module to provide a unity power factor, four-quadrant regenerative supply.

■ 380 Line Regenerative Supply Module:
The Parker four-quadrant regenerative DC supply unit provides a low cost system power solution, enabling full energy flow in both directions. Line Modules centrally feed the energy into the DC link. Line Modules with regulated infeed/regenerative feedback can optionally ensure a constant DC link voltage and a high degree of compatibility with the line supply.

Versatile Power Configurations:
The AC30 Series can be configured to operate in a number of different power configuration modes to suit the exact requirements of your application. The modularity of the AC30 series enables different combinations of system components to be easily selected and installed to achieve the desired design, eliminating significant amounts of pre-engineering work.

■ Common DC Bus System (AC input supply to all drives)
Common DC bus system using multiple AC fed standard (710) inverters with DC bus connection to all drives. This design allows power sharing between drives, limiting the need for braking resistors. Consideration is needed to include input chokes which can be required on each drive to balance the input currents between drives.

■ Common DC Bus System (Active Front End – AFE)
Common DC bus system using a 710 power stack and AC30P / D control modules to act as the AFE supply unit. The AFE must have the correct LCL filter to provide a pulse width modulated (PWM) controlled IGBT converter solution to allow bi-directional power flow to the AC line. The AFE is designed for applications with a high level of regeneration into the mains supply as no energy is wasted into braking resistors. The AFE solution also provides low harmonics, unity power factor and can provide voltage boost.

■ Common DC Bus System (regenerative supply)
Common DC bus system using a 380 line regen supply unit for cost sensitive applications where low harmonic performance is not required. The line regen unit is a compact and cost effective solution for DC supply to any AC30 drive system.


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